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“Study abroad” is an opportunity to  pursue tertiary education in a foreign country. The students are taught in the foreign institutions, as well as carry out research there. Students can also join study abroad programs through their local institution. While living abroad, the students will typically live in apartments, university hostels or through hosting from a local family.

There are several advantages of studying abroad. These include:

  1. Exploring the world: In this case, you will have the experience of seeing a new country, learning the culture, language and have a new perspective on various customs and activities. You might also have the chance to travel to more countries for sight seeing. An example is, if you study in Germany, with the Schengen visa, you have the opportunity to travel to other EU countries such as France, Italy, Spain etc
  2. Education: Having the opportunity to experience different styles of education in your host country compared to your home country enables you to gain a deeper understanding  of the foreign culture, tradition and way of thinking.
  3. Culture and Language: This would be a great opportunity to hone new language skills and be exposed to a new culture. the more you are able to interact with people from various walks of life and backgrounds, the better position you are in landing several international opportunities to advance your career and becoming a global citizen in the long run.
  4. Career Opportunities: Once your studies abroad is complete, the experience and exposure you have had will open several doors for you in your career field, either in your home country or abroad
  5. Personal Developments: In the process of studying abroad, the exposure to new activities will enable you to find new interests, discover new skills and passion in the process. You will also be able to make life long friend and grow a large network in the process
The Top EU Locations which are Popular among our students include:

Germany, Poland, Portugal, Latvia, Finland, Czech Republic, Norway, Austria, Lithuania, Switzerland

The Top Study Programs among our students include:

B.Sc Digital Marketing; B.Sc. Biology; B.Sc Nursing; B.Sc. Computer Science & IT; B.Sc. Entrepreneurship; B.Sc. Mathematics; B.Sc. Engineering degrees; B.Sc. Agriculture; B.Sc. Business Administration; B. Law

The Top University Programs among our students include:

Maastricht UniversityUniversity of Munster;  University of PisaUniversity of ViennaMasaryk UniversityUniversity LunenbergFree University of BerlinSalzburg CollegeFontys UniversityHeidelberg University


  • High school diploma for Bachelors
  • Bachelors Degree for Masters Program
  • Motivation letter
  • Language Proficiency(IELTS or TOEFL)
  • Valid Passport
  • Proof of funds


  • German Public Universities offer 100% tuition-free education.
  • Other locations in the EU offer very low-tuition education.
  • You can study for as low as 500 EUR per semester.


After your studies, you can apply for a post visa which allows you to stay and work from 6 to 24 months

Low cost of living, scholarship opportunities, work while studying, job opportunities during and after studies.




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