Education & Career Counselling

Education & Career Counselling


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Educational Counselling involves providing assistance and guidance to leaners in choosing studies that align to their interests. At Self Taught Academy, we have educational counsellors on board who help our learners and prospective students to make informed decisions on the choices of their studies. We give you the support you need in setting your own goals and in planning and fulfilling your vocational and/or educational aspirations. We therefore offer you a comprehensive and independent information and guidance free of charge.

The Two Types of Counselling Offered include:

Guidance and Counselling

In this case, the focus on providing the right guidance to learners as per their academic needs is centered on searching and selecting the best college and course after completing high school. The counselling services therefore enables you to get the right mentorship for your academic journey. At Self Taught Academy, we have created a career assessment Test that would enable you to identify what course you can select based on your interest, passion and talent. You can find the Assessment test in this LINK.

Vocational Counselling

Vocational Counselling on the other hand focuses more on finding the right occupation or job opportunity for the learner as per their interests and demands in the sector or industry they want to work in. At Self Taught Academy, we have also created a career Path guide that can kickstart your journey in finding what sort of career suits you best. You can find the guide in this LINK.



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