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Self Taught Academy

Empowering learners to be all-round successful through formal and self-education.

Self Taught Academy facilitates complementary programs designed to bridge the skills gap that learners from developing countries experience. The carefully curated programs via strategic partnerships offer our learners the ability to explore their areas of interest in order to discover their passion and consequently create a career path that would help them reach their highest potential as early as possible as well as take part in community building and development.

Self Taught Academy
Self Taught

Our Values


Personalized Learning Process

Curate learners education journey to bring out the best in them


All-Round Support

Transparency in communication with all stakeholders drives positive impact


High Integrity

All Stakeholders involved deliver to the best of their knowledge


Peer 2 Peer engagement

Exchange of information and resources drives faster individual and communal growth


Constant Innovation

Continuous and sustained improvement for high quality deliverable programs


Growth Mindset

Change is the only constant thing, and so embracing change is paramount for success

Relevance of Self Taught Academy

There is an increasing need for improvement of the current education sector. There are several graduate students from various tertiary educational institutions who end up jobless for prolonged periods of time, not knowing what to do with their lives or even partaking in jobs they are not passionate about, which could lead to a domino effect of several negative consequences.

Young adults who do not have a post primary or secondary credential are at higher risk for unemployment and significantly lower lifetime earnings.

As a result of the societal inequities caused by this growing skills gap that affects mostly learners from developing countries, the need for these programs is crucial.

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Why Self Taught Academy

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