Excel CorelDraw Course Outline

Excel CorelDraw Course Outline


Information and communication technology (ICT) is an overall term that entails technological products and services that involve the usage of internet, Internet of Things (IoT), computing, telecommunications and data management, as a result making the world a digital global village. This course will enhance the skills of Using Design tools on the computer, student will learn how to use Adobe creative suite to create an impressive Designs.


3 Months
Program Structure
Part Time
Total Number of Semesters
Tuition Fees (KSH)
Skills Acquired
• Adobe Work Area
• Selecting and Aligning
• Creating and Editing Shapes
• Transforming Objects
• Drawing with the Pen and Pencil Tools
• Color and Painting
• Working with Type
• Working with Layers
• Working with Perspective Drawing
• Blending Colors and Shapes
• Working with Brushes
• Applying Effects
• Applying Appearance Attributes and Graphic Styles
• Working with Symbols
• Combining Illustrator CS6 Graphics with Other Adobe Applications
• Vector Drawing Techniques
• Advanced Compositing
• Editing Video
• Painting
• Working with 3D Images
• Preparing Files for the Web
• Producing and Printing Consistent Color
Career Progression
• Graphic Design
• Video Editing
• Web Design
• Animation
• Graphics Design
• Adobe InDesign
• Adobe Illustrator
• Adobe Photoshop
• Video Editing
• Adobe Premiere
• Web Design
• Adobe Dreamweaver
• Animation
• Adobe Flash

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