German Language Course

German Language Course



Learning the German Language opens several opportunities to work in international
settings, including Germany. When you complete your studies, Self Taught Academy unveils opportunities for career growth, including mentorship, apprenticeships, and the chance to explore education abroad, e.g Nursing Apprenticeship in Berlin, Germany



A1 Course (Complete Beginner Level)

Upon completion of beginner level, students are able to communicate about familiar topics in a simple way, and understand short conversations about everyday life with people who speak slowly and clearly.







A2 Course (Elementary Level)

At elementary level, students can make themselves understood in and talk about routine situations. They are able to ask questions and answer them with concrete information on topics that are familiar to them.







B1 Course (Lower-Intermediate Level )

Students can express themselves coherently regarding events, experiences and plans, justify their decisions on a wider range of topics. They can understand the main points of a conversation when standardized language is used and the focus is on topics of personal interest as well as familiar themes, such as work, school, leisure, travelling etc.






B2 Course (Upper-Intermediate Level)

At this level, students are able to comprehend the main points of complex texts on a wide range of concrete and abstract topics. They can communicate themselves in a clear manner and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of various options and positions in a fairly sophisticated way.


3 Months
Program Structure
Part Time
Examination Body
Goethe Institut
Accreditation and Licensing body
Goethe Institut
Total Number of Semesters
Student/Eligibility Requirements
Career Services Support from Self Taught Academy

• Support in Nursing Apprenticeship Program in
Berlin Germany
• Support in Undergraduate and Masters
Application to German Public Universities
• Join a Mentorship Network Group for further
study and work abroad opportunities
Tuition Fees (KSH)
Skills Acquired
• Listening Skills
• Reading & Comprehension skills
• Writing Skills
• Pronunciation & Speaking Skills
Career Progression
• Career in German Healthcare
sectors e.g Nurse, Doctor
• Career in Engineering,
Business, Hospitality etc

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