Ashleys Caucasian Haircut (Hairdressing Department)

Ashleys Caucasian Haircut (Hairdressing Department)


Hair dressing entails the process of cutting, lengthening or maintain a person's hair in order to change and enhance appearance.
Some of the course content taught are:

  • Introduction to hairdressing
  • Draping and tools
  • Professional image
  • Communication skills
  • Shampooing/conditioning
  • Trichology
  • People skills
  • Setting and dressing
  • Design principles
  • Health and safety
  • Product knowledge
  • Haircut theory


2 Months
Program Structure
Full Time
Examination Body
Ashleys Internal Examination
Accreditation and Licensing body
Certificate in Caucasian Haircut
Total Number of Semesters
Student/Eligibility Requirements
• Photocopy of ID/Passport
• Two passport size photos
• Photocopies of school certificates
• Comfortable low-heeled shoes
• Black trouser/skirt
• Writing materials
Tuition Fees (KSH)
Skills Acquired
• Shampooing/conditioning
• Men cuts
• Ladies cut
• Graduated haircuts
• One length haircuts
• Layered cuts
• Creative cuts
• Diagonal backwards cuts
• Diagonal backward cuts
• Blow-dry brush
• Wrap and tong
Career Progression
• Barber Hair Dresser
• Image Consultant and Stylist

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