Docawood College Vocational Training Center

Docawood College Vocational Training Center






Welcome to Docawood College and Vocational Training Center!




Docawood College and TVC has a vast experience in delivering quality, efficient and effective training at both diploma and certificate level in its up to date curricula.

The programs are designed to offer relevance in thee rapidly changing world of emerging technology and fosters the qualities of imagination and independence of thought.

All our academic programs are highly competitive and enjoy full accreditation from both the national and international exam bodies.

All students who enroll in institution are guaranteed qualified and experienced lecturers in all programs and value for their money in a conducive learning environment.

The institution mainly focus on enhancing academic and professional excellence through innovation and discovery of knowledge and education hence producing experts and consultants in technology and creative skills.


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DOCAWOOD COLLEGE, PQ53+V57, Kawangware Congo, Delivarance Nairobi, Nairobi, Kenya


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