After going through the application process in order to get admission in a German university, the next step would be obtaining a visa. A visa is a document that would legally allow a person entry into the intended destination country. The document would be either glued or stamped in the traveler’s passport.

The three main prerequisites to consider while embarking into the visa application process includes Documentation, Application steps and the Interview preparation process.  

The basic documentation you would need to obtain a German student visa include:

  1. Valid passport
  2. School leaving certificate and / or University degree certificates
  3. Language certificates, either in English (TOEFL or IELTS) or German (A1 certificate)  depending on language of instruction for the intended course of study
  4. Proof of financial means either by providing blocked account or Affidavit of support from a Sponsor
  5. German Student health Insurance
  6. Visa Application form
  7. Certificate of Good conduct from the Police department just in case it is requested
  8. Motivation letter to outline why you want to study in Germany

The German student Visa Application steps include:

  1. Double check what is required in order to get the admission into the intended course of study in the university, and have the admission approved on paper.
  2. Make an appointment in the German embassy consulate in your home country. This should be done at least 3 months before start of the semester. You can find the information on the German embassy website, as well as information on the additional required documents as well as the waiting time.
  3. Prepare the required documents that you would need for the Visa appointment. Apart from the basic documentation mentioned above, you would also need to fill out the visa application form and pay the visa application fee.
  4. Do thorough research on the plausible questions you may be asked during the interview so as to be well prepared during the interview.
  5. On the day of the appointment, Ensure to print out the email confirmation for appointment and you can bring this with you to provide at the entrance. Also ensure you are arrive at least an hour before your appointment. Remember Germans are known for keeping time, and so once you step into the Germany consulate, you are in their territory, and should do as they do, so do not be late!
  6. As you wait for the visa approval, do some research on what is needed upon arrival in Germany, such as accommodation search and house registration.  Also start looking into affordable air tickets, but don’t book any before you have the confirmation of the visa approval, as this may take some time since the decision is from the state
  7. On a student visa, you will be able to enter Germany. But upon arrival, you need to apply for a residence permit.

Preparation for German student visa Interview

Getting a German student visa is considerably one of the most straight-forward processes, as long as you are well prepared and have all the required documentation. Ensure you are mentally and physically ready to avoid last minute anxiety.

As mentioned above, be early, since Germans are known for keeping time. As they say, do as the Romans do. Also ensure you look sharp, how you present yourself physically matters.

At the entrance upon arrival, you may need to provide proof that you have an appointment. You can provide this proof by showing the printed email of the confirmation of your appointment.

When being asked to present the documents, try to arrange them in order of the visa requirement list. Also exude confidence while answering the questions posed. Examples of some questions to expect during the interview include:

  1. Why do you want to study in Germany?
  2. What is the name of the university you intend to enroll in?
  3. Which city is the university located?
  4. How many modules in total would your course entail?
  5. Can you name the modules you will sign up for in your first semester?
  6. What is the name of the Head of Department professor?
  7. What is some general knowledge you know about Germany?
  8. Do you have any family members in Europe?

Most important part of the interview is to ensure your finances are okay. This can be proven in three ways:

  1. Evidence of recipient of scholarship
  2. Proof of funds in a German blocked account.
  3. Letter of affidavit from a Sponsor. Ideally they should accompany you in the visa interview, however if they are not able to be there physically, then they can also write a letter of absence.

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