Ashleys Event Decoration and Flower Arrangement (Fashion Department)

Ashleys Event Decoration and Flower Arrangement (Fashion Department)


Fashion is a form of artistic self-expression in clothing, footwear, accessories, hairstyle and make-up. Therefore, Fashion design is considered the art of application of design and aesthetic or natural beauty to clothing and accessories.
Fashion design is influenced by cultural and attitudes and has varied over time and place.


6 Months
Program Structure
Part Time
Examination Body
Ashleys Internal Examination
Accreditation and Licensing body
Certificate in Event Decoration and Flower Arrangement
Total Number of Semesters
Student/Eligibility Requirements
• Photocopy of ID/Passport
• Two passport size photos
• Photocopies of school certificates
• Comfortable low-heeled shoes
• Black trouser/skirt
• Writing materials
Tuition Fees (KSH)
Skills Acquired
• Events managing and planning
• Events Decorating
Career Progression
• Events Planner
• Supplier

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