Commonwealth Diploma in Medical Engineering

Commonwealth Diploma in Medical Engineering


Hospitals use a wide range of medical equipment in order to deliver healthcare services; medical engineers are responsible for checking medical equipment to make sure they are working properly and they are safe to use. In practice, medical engineers take hands-on role with medical devices, working with a wide range of equipment commonly encountered in the hospital environment.



Program Structure
Full Time
Examination Body
KNEC / CCRMS Internal
Student/Eligibility Requirements
KCSE C- or Certificate in related study
Skills Acquired
• Safety Checks of medical equipment
• Maintenance of medical equipment
• Train clinicians and other personnel on use of medical equipments
• Acceptance checking of new equipment
• Introducing new equipment and device into service
• Addressing patient safety issues
• Safely disposing of old devices
• Rehabilitation Centers
• Be involved in modifying or constructing new equipment.
Employment Opportunities
• Hospitals
• Medical equipment manufacturers and distributors
• Sales and Supply of medical equipment
• All organizations dealing with electronics
• Self employment

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